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Employment Law Team

Tracy Campbell
David Ware

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Hi! I'm Tracy

Employment law exists in a large part because employment involves people, and wherever there are people there are different perspectives and points of view, personal values, expectations, and goals.


Things can change in an employment situation for either party. A job may not work out as either party intended or hoped for at the start.


Being human means that sometimes we end up in situations at work where people have a different view of events and simply can't sit down together to resolve things.

That's were we come in. Sometime the law will say a situation is either black or it's white, but most of the time we need to listen to both sides and consider the best outcome.

"I love helping people, and in employment law the greatest reward is seeing a win/win outcome, and happy clients.

And I'm David

Having been involved with employing staff and managing employment issues for over 30yrs, the main employment law lesson I can share is that a legal solution to a problem is not always the best solution to a problem.


In my experience people initiate a legal process too soon, and often become locked into a legal path that is not necessarily in their best interest.


Over the last 30yrs I have sometimes worked with employment lawyers, while other times I have had to work around them, the priority is; 


"What is going to represent my client's interests and achieve the best outcome for all concerned?"

Having a productive dialogue with people who have the expertise to advise you well, before you start legal action, will not only save you financially, it can also be far less stressful, and allow you to retain valued relationships

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What We Do


Representation for either employers or employees in resolving grievances or disciplinary matters.

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Dispute Resolution

Support for either employers or employees engaged in employment related disputes.

Performance Issues

Assistance for those engaged in a performance management process. We offer specialist training and documentation.


Independent investigations for claims of bullying, harassment, or other serious misconduct in the workplace.

Collective Bargaining

We provide support and advocacy through the bargaining process, from initial planning, to managing industrial disputes.

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We deliver workshops on regulatory compliance like the Health and Safety at Work, Parental Leave, and Holiday Acts.  

Employment Agreements

We draft employment agreements and help employers with the Criminal Records, Human Rights, and Privacy Acts. 

Redundancy & Restructuring

We help employers with business changes. We also help employees affected by restructuring or redundancy. 

Tracy is an enrolled barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand

After growing up on her family farm in Southland Tracy spent the next twenty five years as a sheep & cattle farmer herself, before beginning her legal career.

Her first legal position was as a Solicitor in Invercargill.

Tracy's focus and expertise in employment law and workplace issues developed while she was engaged with a range of Industry groups over a number of years. She gained a wealth of knowledge in employment law while working for Federated Farmers, the Meat Industry Authority and the Fertilisers Association.

Tracy's professional experience also includes; regulatory compliance, with the Department of Internal Affair, and investigations, with the New Zealand Privacy Commission.

Tracy's achievements outside of her professional world include being a competitive horse rider and sheepdog trialist.

David is the founder of successful publicly listed technology company.

Experienced negotiator and manager

David left school before gaining University Entrance and traveled the world, visiting war zones and countries that didn't invite visitors.

David is proud of not being a lawyer. This allows him to approach workplace problems from an experienced commercial and practical perspective, which compliments a formal legal approach.  

He went on to gain a PhD from Victoria University, and an MBA (with distinction) from Massey University

Practical employment experience with one of his companies employing 200+ staff. 

A particular value that David brings to negotiations is his  preparedness to look outside the square for a solution, and to take an unorthodox approach to gaining a favourable outcome for his client when required. He simply looks at a situation and asks, 'what is the most sensible thing to do?'

Tracy Campbell PARTNER


Performance Issues
Collective Bargaining
Employment Agreements
Dispute Resolution
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